DANA Diabecare RS - Die smarte Insulinpumpe



What is new?

(compared to Dana RS Insulin Pump)

Fast and energy-saving data transfer

via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0)

Hourly setting option

24 adjustable carbohydrate (CIR) and correction factors (CF)

Power supply

1.5 V (Standard) AAA-Battery

UTC time zone setting

24 world time zones


High-contrast display for better readability

For an entire Control of the Insulin Pump download AnyDANA App for free

AnyDANA-A - Android App

Google Play Store

(Minimum OS requirement: Android 4.3)

AnyDANA-i - iOS App

iTunes Store

(Minimum OS requirement: iOS 9.0)

The Dana-i Insulin Pump is compatible with following software:

CamAPS | FX: The world's first approved AID system as a smartphone app!*

* Status: August 2020

AnyDANA-A - Android App

The hybrid closed-loop system with automatic insulin adjustment, which automatically adjusts the insulin delivery of your insulin pump to the glucose values of your sensor.

The AID System CamAPS FX* is available and approved for pregnant women as well as for all ages one year and over.

More Informationen under:

*The world's first approved AID system as a smartphone app! CamAPS runs on a Smartphone with Android OS and is compatible with Android phones supported by DexcomNote: The usage of the CamAPS FX application causes additional costs.

Technical Details


97 x 47 x 220 mm (including Reservoir Cap)


86 g (including battery)


3.0 mL (300 I.E.)


4 years

Battery Lifetime

about 3 – 4 weeks

Wasser Protection Rating


Occlusion Sensor and Injection Rate

Three-stage setting


Gradiation: 0.05 I.E. / 0.1 I.E. / 0.5 I.E. und 1.0 I.E.

Basal Rates

4 individually adjustabe profiles

  • Insulin delivery every 4 minutes

  • 24 Basal Rates per day

  • Temporary modification by +/- 100 % in 10 % steps up to 24 hours

  • Gradiation: 0.1 I.E./h and 0.01 I.E./h


Alarm Messages

by sounds or rather vibration

Bolus / Programmes

  • Pre-settable amounts in the morning, at noon and at night
  • Single Bolus, Dual Bolus, Retarded Bolus

Bolus Reminder Function

adjustable for four different daytimes

Bolus Calculator

(including the calculation of still active amounts of insulin)

Manual Entering of Blood Glucose Value

into Bolus Calculator possible


Entire Control

of the Insulin Pump is possible by using AnyDANA App

Simple Menu Navigation

by symbols and terms

Language Support

German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Korean

Key Lock

to prevent inadvertent use


Contrasty, illuminated, Power saving mode


Recording of 3,000 Events

Bolus Quantities, Bolus Average Values, Daily Total Amounts of Insulin, Reservoir Fillings, Filling Quantities of Infusion Sets, Amounts of Carbohydrates, Blood Glucose Test Results, Alarm Signals, Stop and Start Times, Temporary Basal Rates and Basal Rates